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April 11, 2010

It has been a long time since we have written here. So much has happened over the past several months that it has been easier not to write anything.

A blog entry is certainly not the appropriate context to communicate the details of what has made life challenging over the past seven months. But, as a family, we have come to the ultimate conclusion that God has called us to Tanzania. And He continues to make it clear that He has a plan for us to remain in Tanzania. God has opened many doors for us to continue to serve here in Dar es Salaam and we are genuinely excited for all that He has planned.

For our Columbus family, friends and supporters – we will be in Columbus this summer and have several gatherings planned where you can come and hear stories and see pictures from our experiences in Tanzania. We will help you understand what we have accomplished and experienced here, what God has taught us, and what our vision is for the future. Contact us for dates, times and locations. Thank you Erika Crawford and our AMAZING sending team for already having these plans in the works!

After this entry our blog will begin looking forward to what God has for our family as we serve and fellowship in our local church, Dar Vineyard, as we bring clean water to people who lack access to it, and as we create economic opportunities for women through coffee roasting.

We thank so many of you for walking this journey with us.

Mungu awabariki! (God bless you all!)