siku ya maji salama (clean water day)


focus is good.  our team’s water project has narrowed in on a community in dar es salaam that suffers from water borne illnesses, especially during rainy season when rain water overflows everything including the public septic tanks. the community is kigogo and today we spent our saturday afternoon there. but we (our team) were not alone – which emphasizes one of the many significant aspects of the day — the involvement of our church members. 

nearly sixty children arrived on the scene, ready to partake in every activity we had to offer – from balloon-tossing to the tunes of michael jackson to slurping down maji salama and lots of dancing and laughter. they had a great time!

Our Kids

the other tent was full of people interested in learning more about how the water filter works. nixon did a great job, as always, taking time to talk to people and demonstrating how the filter makes it is possible and more affordable to have maji salama without boiling water everyday.


people know us in kigogo and that is a good feeling; when we packed up our tents and water balloons today they knew we would be back. we are building relationships through clean water, economic development and time spent together in the sun on a steamy saturday afternoon in dar.

Aloise and Daudi with kids


2 Responses to “siku ya maji salama (clean water day)”

  1. David Buckley Says:

    It is great seeing all that you and your team are doing for the community in dar es salaam on so many levels. Thank you for taking the time to post this blog and pictures. Keep doing what you do and always know you all are in our thoughts and Prayers back home.

    Much love,

    David Buckley

  2. jamie Says:

    oh, this makes me so happy. i miss it there so terribly.
    great to hear about it all!!!

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