Girl Scouts Treat Tanzania


many boys

This entry is long overdue. Erika (a former student of mine at Thomas Worthington) and her generous Girl Scout troop made a few days in July very sweet for the boys living in the DYOC (Dar es Salaam Youth Olympic Center) hostel.

As previous readers may know, DYOC exists to develop youth through football (soccer for our fellow Americans), it also helps find funding for over 30 children’s education, and 22 children of the 120 that are a part of DYOC live in the hostel.  The hostel provides shelter and direction for these 22 youth who are either orphans or their parents are not able to provide for them.

 I don’t think any of these boys had ever experienced the small pleasure of a Thin Mint.  Thank you all so much for your generosity.  

Through the process of sending these cookies you were also educated on the cost of mailing a parcel internationally.  Those were some very expensive cookies! But they were an unexpected treat for the boys.  Thank you so much.

 I have included some pictures from the day I brought the cookies to the hostel. I hope these help to give you a small glimpse of what life is like for these young men.

 Thank you again Erika! 


doing laundry after school
doing laundry after school


the hostel jiko (kitchen)
the hostel jiko (kitchen)


view from the back porch of the hostel
view from the back porch of the hostel
ready for football practice

ready for football practice


the leader of the hostel, Douglas Buckley, and the youngest boy at the hostle

hostel director, me, and the youngest boy at the hostel







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