The Week Ahead


For those of you who have been periodically checking in on our blog over the past year, you can probably appreciate why what we are looking forward to this week also represents a milestone for us. This week our team will be hosting Trade Justice Mission in Tanzania. TJM utilizes jewelry making as a method of economic development for women in developing countries who lack assets and have no steady source of income. The concept is simple: TJM provides the materials, trains the women, pays the women individually for their labor, then markets the jewelry in the U.S., and finally sends the profits back to the women as a co-op. The co-op is then empowered to use that capital to invest in long-term income generating activities.

TJM connects with women in developing countries by partnering with organizations already working in country. In the case of Tanzania, we are that organization, which returns us, my noble repeat readers of our blog, to the point of this week being a milestone.

First, big picture—looking back on entering Tanzania, we came here with a desire to serve those who are struggling and to share the love of Jesus with them. This week will be another tangible example of God providing our team with an opportunity to do that. That is very exciting. When you pack up your life and family with hope and faith that things like this will happen, it is very cool to experience the fruition of these hopes.

Now, small picture, focusing in on just the past few months—so many of our team members have spent many hours driving and meeting with potential women for these co-ops. For each woman participating this week, we spent time in her home, getting to know not only if she qualifies for this opportunity, but also getting to know her story. We have broken bread together, drank tea together, and prayed together. And now that the time has come to start, it is so encouraging that our efforts have paid off.

But beyond our personal milestones, we are very excited for what God has in store for this week and for these women. None of them are simply struggling financially: some of them have a physical disability, children with mental disabilities, are HIV-positive, or are trying to keep families together that have been torn apart by death and disease. We ask those of you who desire to see change in the lives of these women to please pray for the success of the jewelry co-ops. Also pray for the hope of God, the hope that we see Jesus extending to anyone who needs it, to enter the lives of these women in a significant way.


4 Responses to “The Week Ahead”

  1. Noreen Says:

    Hooray!!! It is finally going to happen. I know these women have been waiting so patiently for this to finally start. In July one of the women in the picture asked you…WHEN?…she was so anxious to get started. I am so happy for these women that I met and the many I did not. God bless the team and all those lives you have touched.

  2. prechewedworms Says:

    We will be praying! How exciting!!
    Love you!

  3. jamie Says:

    praise jesus. praying always

  4. jamie Says:

    praise jesus. praying always for His work through your hands.

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