maji salama (safe water)


we have planned, projected and prayed for many months. today was the official kick off of our clean water initiative in dar es salaam. many people were interested in the filters and expressed excitement about the ability to access affordable, safe water in dar es salaam.

it is clear that this initiative is meeting a very tangible, felt need in our community.


veronica, kanisa la vineyard church member and trained volunteer, explains how clean water and good hygiene go hand in hand.



our project coordinator and good friend, daniel, was in his element today – signing up over a dozen people to have water filters installed in their home.


much more to come! a huge thank you to ALL of you who have prayed along with us and are supporting our efforts here in so many ways. 



2 Responses to “maji salama (safe water)”

  1. nikkip Says:


  2. Liz Whitehouse Says:

    Congratulations on this initiaitve. I am very interested in this project – I am currently working on a project that is looking specifically at identifying technologies that could be commercialised for water treatment in low income and rural African communities. I see that you are promoting the use of water filters – what type and make of filters specifically are you looking at?
    I look forward to your response.

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