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enjoying a step forward

April 29, 2009

We are preparing for small group tonight.  Last week was a milestone small group for us. Fifteen of our African friends attended and we ran out of chairs.  More than numbers, people are getting involved and taking ownership of the group through praying, serving, teaching, and bringing new worship songs for us to sing.

We lost electricity at the beginning of group so over twenty of us (including our kids who think it is a treat when they get to stay up for worship) were standing around candles in our living room praising God in Swahili.  For us, this is quite powerful.  To start in a country where we were without a home and knew nothing, and to now witness our home filled with people every Wednesday– we have come a long way.  God is good.



a bit closer for all of us

April 29, 2009

As some of you may know we have had three amazing visitors in the past two months.  First, Lyndi’s sister Nikki and our precious niece Zoe, then, most recently, one of our closest friends and pastor, Patrick Crawford, aka Baba Mkubwa.

Their visits enriched our lives in many ways and one has to do with you.

Their presence, interest and excitement about our lives here in Tanzania have reminded us of the value of staying connected.

Writing on this blog had at times become overwhelming; so much happens in our lives in any given week; how do we possibly explain it in a simple blog post? At times, it has also been difficult because communicating with home means thinking about home and thinking about all we have said goodbye to.

We’ve decided to take our sister’s advice. Keep blogging; connecting, even through a blog, makes 8,000 miles seem a bit closer for all of us.