Said’s Thanks

Thank you for your continued interest and support of our efforts.

As we continue to branch out here in Tanzania and God expands our influence through the number of lives we get to be involved in, it is no longer only our family that is encouraged and motivated by your support; it becomes everyone our family has an opportunity to work with here in Dar.

The look on Said’s face was quite memorable when I told him that I am not a wealthy man, but that God has placed me here in Tanzania and I am able to help him with school fees because of the effort, love and support of over one- hundred people.  He is tangibly experiencing God’s love through our effort.  He literally told me so through this story.  

Said’s father died a while ago and last year after his mother was crippled in an accident, he prayed to Jesus that somone would help him with school fees when he returned to Tanzania.  Said is a bright young man who was quite aware that without support he would quickly get  overtaken by the struggling education system in Tanzania that provides little to no opportunity for  advancement if you cannot afford a secondary education.  Primary education (through the equivalent of 7th grade) is free, but the economic dividing line in the country is secondary education, which requires money.  It is humbling, inspiring, and gives me goosebumps to know that God used all of us to answer a 14-year-old boy’s prayer.

Enjoy Said’s Thanks!


2 Responses to “Said’s Thanks”

  1. erika Says:


  2. Chantelle Traut Says:

    I love this! This makes me feel so thankful to be apart of what you are doing. xoxox Chantelle (and Chris)

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