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November 23, 2008


it’s been quite an eventful three weeks in the buckley household.

here are some of the highlights:

first things first – nearly three weeks ago, the American people elected a new president! still, everywhere we go, the first thing most people want to talk about is obama – the next president of the united states. we’ve seen t-shirts (‘tanzanians for obama’), kangas and heard many a radio segment on the newly elected president with African roots. we had plans on the morning of the 5th to head over to the embassy and catch some of the highlights, but were stuck in our house, unable to get beyond our driveway.


Obama in Tanzania
obama kanga in tanzania
yes, we were stuck in our house. our driveway had been washed away by another rainstorm that lasted nearly a day. there was literally a three to four feet drop off from the main road to our gravel driveway. this rainstorm was like nothing we have ever seen or heard. the thunder that bellowed through the night felt like it was going to knock our house down. our neighbor that we mentioned in our last post actually had to send his family away and slept on his rooftop; it was crazy.

we watched the rain and wondered how much longer it could fall with our good friends phil and judy niemie, a couple that we appreciate and love so much, who are our newly-arrived teammates that we welcomed on november 3rd. we are so excited to have them here and delighted to be on this journey with them.

Niemies land in Dar!
Niemies land in Dar!


in other news, aidan’s nose was broken as he fell THROUGH the playground equipment at school. although he had a lot of pain and a swollen nose and upper lip for several days as well as doctors and x-ray technicians touching and assessing him, thanks to the prayers of our amazing family and friends – he is doing MUCH better! he’s back to playing outside and you cannot even tell by looking at him that his nose was broken. he has remained upbeat and did not even want to miss the day of school following the incident (although he had to take that day and the rest of the week off). we are so thankful for all of you who prayed for him and continue to do so.




another notable event was the arrival of my mom. she came on november 9th and we had the pleasure of her company for twelve days. she was here when aidan broke his nose, which helped him and helped us as we went to all of the doctor appointments. and of course, we all had such fun with her. she brought so many things that we enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy for months to come!) during her stay – gifts sent from our wonderful family and friends, activities to enjoy (for future days when we’re stuck in our house during the rain), fun food that we miss (thank you williams!), and so much life and encouragement. we loved our time with her and on this hot sunday in november – the week of thanksgiving – we are truly thankful for her, our mom and grandma.