our teammates - the millers - flooded yard

our teammates - the millers - flooded yard



while some parts of Columbus were getting snow flurries yesterday, we had a glimpse of the rainy season –about five months early. there were torrential downpours for about 15-20 hours straight. we counted nine leaks in our house, some not so significant and some – well, enough water fell to soak the top of our mattress! we have a fantastic landlady who was in our home an hour or so after we phoned, with two mafundi (guys who know what to do). she sat at our table for the latter part of the morning and into the afternoon, sharing tea and insights, telling us stories as well as her opinion about why certain things are the way they are and why we should or should not do this or that. she’s great and it is quite fitting to preface her name with the culturally appropriate “mama”, because she IS, quite a mama.


although we thought we had a lot of leakage, our neighbor, who is also our weekend night guard, literally had a lake for a yard – and house. he inhabits the house with his wife and child as well as a number of other families. our landlady told us that the water inside their house literally comes up to the knees. he apparently has built a floor that is 3 feet above the ground in order to keep their dishes from floating out the front door.

when we left to pick up the kids from school, we took a picture of the road right in front of his house – it looks like a rushing river – and dumps out into this families’ yard and home. it is unbelievable. it made us realize that having a few little leaks is something to be really grateful for.



the road in front of our house

the road in front of our house









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  1. erika Says:


  2. jamie Says:

    oh my, that is hard, but i have to admit very facinating. i think because it’s something that is so foreign to me here in the states.
    i’ve been reading and re-reading your last few posts and the people and experiences are starting to soak into my mind more and more. your descriptions and ability to express reality there makes it easy for me to imagine and feel a part of your experiences and lives right now. thank you. it seems to me as i read on, that there is so much God is doing there….in Dar and in you all. i pray for more of that. i am so proud of you all……….. and am humbled by your devotion and openness to what God is doing……….WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Those pictures are amazing. It is pretty neat to see pictures from a place so far away. I can’t believe how much rain you all received. WOW!!

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