Pray for Tanzania

Three children and one adult that we personally know have, in the past week, been fighting malaria. Sadly, the adult, a man who was helping us get our car out of port, succumbed to the disease and lost his life.

Pray for his family.

Pray for a malaria vaccination (that has been in the works for sometime now) to become available.

Pray that somehow, one of the biggest health threats in this part of Africa would be eradicated.


This week, we learned of a precious, fatherless and motherless child living in an orphanage being sexually abused by someone who was supposed to nurture and protect him.

Pray for this little life.

Pray that he would be rescued and that someone WILL protect him.

Pray for the orphans in Tanzania.


Yesterday we saw a picture on the front page of a local newspaper in which NINE women in labor shared a space the size of a large walk-in closet – crammed in two beds and lying on the floor of a nearby hospital.

Pray for the women of Tanzania.

Pray for the government in Tanzania to wisely spend the $40 million that was recently designated for the reduction of fetal and maternal fatalities.


Please pray for Tanzania.

Mungu ibariki Tanzania.  

God bless Tanzania.





6 Responses to “Pray for Tanzania”

  1. Amy Paxton Says:

    I do not have words. We will pray, pray, pray.

  2. Liz Says:

    like amy said i do not know what to say….horrific what a broken world we live in. how are the four of you doing? i think about you often.

  3. jamie Says:

    praying with groanings…….

  4. Robin C. Says:

    I am saddened too…hoping God will show you how to make a difference as you so want to do…prayer is definitely a first step.
    I read that Tanzania’s adoption laws make it virtually impossible to adopt a child from there unless you meet long-term residency requirements. I understand that they want to hold on to their children, but there are many Americans who would gladly adopt orphans…I wish those laws could be amended.

  5. Dad/Grandpa Says:

    Jesus said, “When you have done it to the least, you have done it to Me.”
    His blessing, grace and strength upon you as you serve HIM!!

  6. Chantelle Traut Says:

    Thank you for the reminders…We love you guys!

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