Daktari Mzuri (The Good Doctor)


The interlaced legs of this table were hand carved from one solid piece of wood!

The interlaced legs of this table were hand carved from one solid piece of wood!



Friday, August 15th

 Today was another thoroughly new experience.

After the dog drama in Dar es Salaam, Aidan had to start the rabies vaccination course. Days 0,3,10,28  he had to have the injections. In Dar, the medical facility we have come to know rather well for only having been there 3 weeks was fairly familiar – magazines on the table, the smell of antiseptic, a water cooler, etc. Today was a bit different. First, we arranged for a driver from the centre to take us there. I packed a light lunch for Aidan and myself and we hopped into the safari jeep – me in the front and he in the back, eating his lunch and nervous about the shot that was coming. Our driver was friendly, making small talk with me in Kiswahili- the basics of exchanging names, number of children, where are you from, where do you live, what do you do, etc. It’s so hard when you know what you want to say but are perfectly incapable of saying it! He was liberal with his compliments on my Swahili speaking abilities, but I told him that perhaps next year, if we return, then we can talk about important things! The things that are often discussed right off the bat – politics and religion!

We arrived and from the outside it didn’t look much different from a house. I walked in and felt as if I were walking into an office from a movie scene – circa 1973? I asked at the front desk if the doctor that we had talked to previously was in and the two women sitting at the desk said no, but he would be back. Of course I knew that asking when would be a futile attempt at nailing down the specific time that we would see the doctor. So Aidan and I sat and watched our first and only minutes of the Olympics – women’s soccer (football). Aidan was very patient and we only had to wait an hour and twenty minutes (I was prepared to wait much longer.). Dr. Chamba looked at the wound and declared that it was “healing beautifully” then Aidan had his last rabies vaccination, which was given in a painfully slow fashion!, and we were on our way.  

[We’ve seen the doctor for a second time (Monday, August 18) and had a negative malaria test (THANK GOD!), and we talked to him on another occasion (Tuesday, August 19) asking him for suggestions on treating head lice. In the most sincere yet amusing way, he laughed at us and said, “We don’t do this lice shampoo in Africa, we shave the head and the lice goes! HAHAHAHAHA!”]

Yes, head lice. We all four have it! Tuesday evening we discovered our little enemies, and Doug drove to four duka la dawas (pharmacies) looking for “RID”, or something of the sort – but to no avail. We had one precious bottle of the remedy that we brought with us – JUST IN CASE! – and all of us used the one bottle (which is only supposed to treat one head). The next evening we tried a home remedy of mayonnaise slathered on the head with plastic wrap – the goal is to suffocate the little boogers.

However, we still have insects feasting on our scalps! Mine is probably the worst case, as my hair is a haven for such creatures. Enjoy the pictures of the “mayo heads” and please pray that they go away!


The boys enjoyed the mayonnaise treatment, but ...

The boys enjoyed the mayonnaise treatment, but ...

as for Mom and Dad, not so much!

Mom and Dad, not so much!



14 Responses to “Daktari Mzuri (The Good Doctor)”

  1. Becky Says:

    oh my goodness, we will be praying for you guys!!!! we miss you and love you so much!

  2. kjames Says:

    do you need us to send you some? i know it might take awhile to get there but better late than never, right? gah, you poor thing!

    comb your hair everyday with the lice comb really really well. if you can wash and dry all your clothes on hot, that’s important (as well as bedding and whatnot). it will eventually go away, but it will be a pain. esp with having dark hair, it’s gotta be harder to see the nits. maybe it’s time to consider cutting your hair shorter (just for the time being). 😀 i’m so sorry! i know how awful it can be!

  3. erika Says:

    I’m loving your posts! Thanks for the pics, too. It’s great to get a taste of life in Arusha.
    Lyndi, aren’t you dying to shave your head anyways? Everyone’s gotta do it once in their lifetime.
    Love you all.

  4. bethany Says:

    the boys look soooo cute!!!!!
    and you and doug look thrilled

  5. julia pickerill Says:

    hey guys,
    just finally got to your blog and it was so good to read up on your time. i can’t believe all you’ve already been through. and now lice. yikes!!! our team will be praying for you. i’m glad to subscribe to your posts so i can keep more aware of what’s happening. but our hearts are for you and we’re so amazed that you seem to be doing so well in the midst of some crazy times! so much love… julia

  6. Rebecca Nelson Says:

    We love your pics!!! You guys look really sweet in mayo…a new look? It was good to talk to you yesterday and see your update.

  7. jamie Says:

    thank you SO much for writing.
    it’s all the world to us.
    love you all more than you know.
    jamie, teddy & the boys

  8. Dad/Grandpa Says:

    Hi, Doug, Lyndi, Aidan & Elliott…..
    We LOVE you all VERY, VERY MUCH!!!!

    I am praying that you get moved into your house this week…

    Will write later.

  9. lisa Says:

    with love from me to you!

  10. Chantelle Says:

    This is horrible! The only time I had lice when I was little, I passed out because I was so grossed out. I think I will let Chris handle the whole thing with the boys….

  11. James Mackin Says:

    Hi Doug and the family! I am sorry to hear about some of the struggles, but I know you have the strength to get through it. We miss you at Thomas; it has been strange coming up the stairs and seeing someone else in your room. Please let me know if you need anything. We’ll get it out to you ASAP. We went through having lice a while ago, but this too shall pass. We are thinking about you as you go through this journey and will be in touch.


  12. Karl F. Says:

    Doug and Lyndi,

    From what we found online. some believe that Vinegar works

    Check this out it has some other home remedies you might try.


  13. z Says:

    hi everyone!

    so glad to have found you. it’s so amazing to see you over there….what an incredible work god is doing. even as you battle the lice and everything else, i can’t help feeling envious of the good, good things god has and is giving.

    you are in my prayers.


  14. Chris Heide Says:

    I found your website on another site. It helped me do my research on this topic. I have spent lots of time looking through your site. You are doing the great work!

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