Cradle of Love

Thursday, August 14th

About two years ago when I was Google-ing all things Tanzania, Melissa M and I came across a home for babies called Cradle of Love. I read the website through and through – we talked about visiting Arusha someday during our time in Tanzania and going this place. As we drove down the road to TCDC on the day of our arrival, we passed a sign that read “Cradle of Love Baby Home”. I was so surprised to see that this place we had read about two years ago is right up the road from our language school! Yesterday Doug and I finished class a little early so we decided to walk over and see when might be a good time to go to the home for a longer visit. The director was there and warmly welcomed us to come and spend time with the children anytime. They currently have 33 children ranging from 5 months to nearly four years.

Melissa and I are planning to go back on Sunday to visit – they welcome volunteers to come and love on these precious little ones.


UPDATE (8/22): We went to Cradle of Love on that Sunday, some of the volunteers brought babies over to the playground here later in the week and we’ve gone over any time we can since. The children are so precious! When we go between 3:30 and 4pm, the babies are getting bottles and it’s outside time. There is a large (8×5?) mat that roughly 12-16 babies and toddlers sit/lay/crawl on as the “Mamas” assist with the fussy ones and pick up dropped bottles and sippy cups. When we go, we hang out on the mat and hold, hug and play with the kids who all love to get personal lap time. Dinner is at 5pm and it is QUITE a production! There are 33 hungry mouths and lots of hands feeding and wiping the little ones. It was so wonderful to be able to help with mealtime! Melissa has taken some sweet pictures, I hope to post some in the next few days. The director and the women who care for these children are truly special women.


One Response to “Cradle of Love”

  1. erika Says:

    Wish I could have been there with you.

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