The Flight

The flight to New York is summarized by the emotion of sadness. 

Well, that is for most of us; the excitement of flight took over for Elliott and he soon forgot his gloom.  Aidan cried in Lyndi’s lap most of the flight.  The excitement of beginning a new life was shrouded behind waves of sadness from separating from family and watching the effect this had on our children.

 The flight from New York to Dubai created more excitement since we were leaving the US, but this feeling was also mixed with the sense that there was no turning back now.   The kids were fascinated by the individual video screens and remote control/ game controller/ phone that Emirates, our Dubai based airline, provides at every seat for international flights.  Lyndi and I were hoping for the best on this arduous twelve-hour flight.  With Elliott’s excited shout, “We’re flying!”  We knew we were on our way and there was no turning back now. 

 Overall the flight went well.  It was difficult for Lyndi because I got sick.  I had a fever and felt nauseous for nearly the whole twelve hours.  This is quite a bummer because the best part about the Emirates flight is the food, and I was able to eat next to nothing.  This also meant Lyndi was on Elliott duty. 

 Once in Dubai we all felt grateful to be on land.  The kids noticed the cultural differences in the airport right away and were quick to comment on how there were many women here who feel that God wants them to cover their heads, which is how we have explained head coverings to them.  Once we found the gate for our next flight to Dar.  Lyndi secured an important last supper.  She found the McDonalds and got the boys their final nuggets and fries.  Lyndi got her last diet coke in a fast food cup with lots of ice and a straw.  Unfortunately the diet did not taste like coke; Lyndi said it tasted like cinnamon.

Excitement grew during that final five our led of the flight from Dubai to Dar.  Well, actually it took a while to grow because Elliott slept the whole flight along with Mom who had earned it.  I was feeling better so I was watching the Simpsons, eating any food I was given and comforting Aidan, who was now the one not feeling to well.  But anticipation grew as we got close and the five hours turned to forty-five minutes left in the flight.  Lyndi and I did have a few points where we looked briefly into each other’s eyes and were reminded of the nearly three years we have spent in the process to get to this moment. 

Now it was time to land.  


One Response to “The Flight”

  1. Andrew Anderson Says:

    So glad that you are safe over there and also fascinated by seeing your feelings put down on paper. I experienced similar feelings when I left for my two study abroad programs. Certainly your experience must feel more final with the 5 year duration and the fact that your kids are with you. I experienced air sickness twice on flights abroad, and for no real reason. I had flu like symptoms that disappeared almost the moment I got into the Paris airport. Strange.
    Looking forward to reading so much more about your experiences!

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