The Feeling of Tearing


Zach Tearing the Children

Zach Tearing the Children


It began after walking past the point 

where we could no longer see our family 

smiling and waving goodbye to us at the 

Port Columbus Airport...

both Aidan and Elliott had their first true  emotional responses to leaving family and friends  to move to Tanzania.  Lyndi and I have been  waiting for this for the past year.  We have  been asking probing questions, explaining to our children that we were going to be separating  from family, but none of that seemed to connect with them.  But when they walked past the  point that they could no longer see their family, the separation began; Aidan said, “This is sad!” and began crying.  Elliott’s response to this was to get a very sad look on his face although he seemed to not understand why. This scene began our children’s realization that they were saying goodbye to family and friends.  It required the very tangible moment of us walking past the point where we could no longer see  them for this to set it.  This was very hard for us.  Lyndi and I were on very few hours sleep; we were emotionally overwhelmed and we had to comfort our children in our own weakness as they  cried.  


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