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Hello! Sorry, Things have been a Bit Nuts

July 29, 2008

Things are a bit nuts

A Coconut, Elliott, and Ben


Hello friends, family, and all those supporting or mildly interested in our efforts in Tanzania.  

We first want to apologize for taking so long to communicate.  We have been in Dar now for… Thursday it will be three weeks.  We have limited access to the Internet and my computer has not been compatible with our gracious friends’, team members’, and hosts’ Internet connection. 

But we have finally made it to an Internet café.  The first few weeks have included much excitement along with experiences that have challenged our family and helped us to grow stronger.  To catch up those who are interested, we are going to make several posts on various topics listed below from the thoughts we have been journaling over the past few weeks, but have not been able to post. 

Above is a picture of our youngest son Elliott sitting with our friend and host Ben Miller.  The picture represents the fact that our families have grown together over these past three weeks.  Our 14 bags are still packed in their living room and every morning our seven combined children join forces to create plays, watch movies, play games, and make a healthy amount of noise and messes.  Things are good because the Millers are amazing, sacrificial hosts, but things are often quite nuts.  This is obviously represented by Elliott’s clinching of the coconut and covertly represented by the fact that Elliott likes to punch Ben in his.  Mr. Miller is a good sport though and is still smiling as we enter week three of this (sometimes painful for Ben) joint venture.


Look ahead to…

The Feeling of Tearing,

The Flight,

Now it is Time to Land, 

“I like Tanzania better than the United States because there is more to do here.”, 

The House Hunt and Taking Care of Business,

19th Dog Bites, 20th  Lice, &  21st Bead Lodged in Nose

Living in a Film


We love you all.  Keep us in your prayers!