a smashing success!

100_29001.jpgto all of you who came, waited, ate noodles and supported our mission – a huge


there was a consistent line to the door (or the parking lot!) for the entire evening.

we’re so humbled by and grateful for the support – from our family, friends, students, co-workers, community and of course – noodles & co!


3 Responses to “a smashing success!”

  1. jamie Says:


  2. Liz Riggs Says:

    i was so glad to be able to be there and see how many people were there and also the manangement at noodles and even the district manager was so nice. we went early and it was filled then with lots of high school kids and others even getting things to go due to the crowds. i will be eager to hear how much huge of a blessing you will receive. i mentioned to my sister a bit about you guys to see if the springfield ohio vineyard might be interested in hearing you guys speak and share your vision. peace…..

  3. Ellen Schroeder Says:

    MR. BUCKLEY. i drove around and tried to find this place. and i couldnt. excuse my typing my english should be better =] i learned from the best.
    good luck on your trip. i have been praying for you and your family. if there is any way i can help let me know!

    thanks for everything,
    Ellen Schroeder.

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