from where we are now

Passport photos, immunization shots, planning: that is our world right now. We are continuing to do life here and trying to do it well, through three-year-old temper tantrums and sibling arguments, while planning for, praying for and anticipating life after the next six months. God continues to give us strength as we parent our children, talk about support raising, and share our heart and vision with others. Please pray that God protects our family right now, strengthens us and continues to give us his endurance and joy.

We are excited that someone shared our plans with the local papers in the community of Worthington, where I (Doug) teach as well as in Bexley – where I graduated. It is pretty awesome to share what we have been dreaming about and planning for more than two years with a wide audience. Check out the article.

(Click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page)


One Response to “from where we are now”

  1. Liz Riggs Says:

    hello…can you email me wih your email address, i thought that i had gotten a email from you but it must have gone into bulk instead of my regular inbox. i apologize for thinking you had sent it to me when we were talking when i was in the hospital. i had an idea for a fundraiser that i wanted to ask you two about.

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