Take 2

it seems we have been talking about, praying, and planning for the future for so long now. but i was just talking to someone yesterday and they asked ‘how many months until you go?’

when we first felt that stirring in our hearts, that this is it(!), it was feb ’05 – it was three years away. then two. then one. and now i feel like the countdown is really on. when i answered ‘eight months’ i realized eight months is nothing. that’s less than a pregnancy – and both mine went very quickly (until the end!).

of course, God may change that plan. but that’s the direction things are heading. a friend of ours said with vision comes pro-vision, so we’re totally trusting him for that.

we want to try and update as much as possible as we move forward in our countdown.

in the meantime, half of our team are in TZ now! check out their blogs at:

4 Responses to “Take 2”

  1. Liz Says:

    I will be eager to follow along with your family getting ready to move and what all is going on with the team and such. It may sound really strange I know but I really envy your family and the others…I have wanted for years to be able to go over to Africa and with all of the disabilites I have unless God chooses to do some major healing that will never happen. I am hoping when I get a job to be able to give some towards the plant. I will be praying for you all.

  2. havenofpeace Says:

    thanks so much, Liz, for your encouragement and support.

  3. Noreen Says:

    Douglas and Lyndi,
    It is Christmas evening and I am reading your blog. Its hard to believe that this time next year I will be communicating with you by internet.
    Our prayers are with you daily as you prepare to join your team in July.
    God has blessed you. Mom

  4. bethanie Says:

    My prayers are with you four. i am truely excited for what more God has yet to reveal about His plans of using you in tanzania. i love you guys soo much, and already miss you like crazy so you cant leave any sooner than july so we can see each other.
    ps. the moneys on its way… i can feel it… haha. i know im a dorky lil sis =]

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